How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle to Improve Your Quality of Life

In this hectic planet where we live, it can be very easy to overlook our health and well-being. We are so frantically dashing about our daily lives, making plans with pals and family members and there’s always another work get together to be involved in. Our social lives are so full on these days it’s hardly surprising we overlook ourselves and taking care of ourselves. It’s not surprising that most of us suffer from exhaustion and stress. This blog covers some straightforward points on how to start a healthy lifestyle that we can adapt to improve our quality of life.

Drink more water

  • You must have heard it a thousand times and without a doubt you will hear it over and over again. Get drinking the water!

    Our bodies are made up of 72% water. Fluids are that crucial to us that even just a 5% decrease in liquid results in 20-30% drop in endurance. Just a seemingly meagre 15% decrease in bodily fluids results in a loss of life. These days it is a fact that 66% of individuals are not consuming enough water, meaning over 50% of the human population are not functioning to their full potential. That is before you consider details like air quality, poor food choices and everyday stress and anxiety levels having an impact.

    It’s actually quite an easy thing to correct. Simply consume a large glass of water every hour or two. Aim to be drinking around 2 litres of water each day. This may seem like a lot, but pretty quickly you’ll discover you have more energy.

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Health food – Healthy life!

A well-known truth is that when you heat meals over a certain temperature, around 46°C/116°F, it damages a lot of the nutritional value. Taking into account that most individuals don’t consume sufficient fruits and vegetables, that’s a relatively significant problem. Nutritional experts advise we eat our 5 to 10 a day of fresh fruits and vegetables. How many of you can say that you meet your target on a daily basis?

An excellent method of obtaining these nutrients without snacking on spinach and celery continuously, is to start making fresh juices. Ensure that you buy a good quality juicer, as many of them generate heat due to friction and this is transferred to the vegetables destroying vital enzymes. You can’t beat a freshly squeezed juice. It takes a small amount of time as there’s no grilling and cooking entailed, and it’s practical. You can carry your freshly made juice to your job and pack it for your kids as well.

Moringa particularly is a superb source of vital vitamins and minerals. It’s has a significant quantity of chlorophyll, referred to as ‘plant blood’. Due to the fact that it appears like red blood cells in humans. It is a source of over 100 vital nutrients that a human body requires. Grains are also an exceptional provider of essential nutrients.


Exercise how to start a healthy lifestyle

Working out is another cuss word for a lot of people. What we need to realise is that working out does not have to take an eternity or be dull and monotonous. There are loads of exciting alternatives to try.

In days gone by fitness centres generally used to have weight areas and aerobic studios. These days you have many options like Pilates, Zumba, body blast, yoga, kettlebells, Cross-fit and countless other exercise choices.

If you don’t want to spend money on a gym membership or don’t feel you have the time, then there are things that you can do at home. Why not invest in a treadmill, elliptical or a stationary exercise bike. If you are strapped for space then you could get your own set of home weights or kettle-bells. There are hundreds of good workouts to follow. You can even do a quick HIIT workout during the adverts of your favourite programs.

When you let your physical condition decline and you become inactive, especially if you have underlying health issues, it can seem like an uphill struggle to even start an exercise routine. The risk is that lack of exercise results in more energy loss, and can be a never-ending cycle. Before you know it, the years have gone by and it’s takes too much effort to even get off the couch.

The best method to get yourself back into a fitness regime is to build up gradually. Take it extremely slow! For the first week or so, maybe just walk 15 minutes each day, no more than 15. After that build up to 20 minutes, then 30 and so on. Progressively up your game and challenge yourself with different terrains and mix it up by incorporating new exercises over time. You will see your endurance increase before your very eyes.


So, these are the essentials to know if you are interested in how to start a healthy lifestyle. If you can reorganise yourself so that you are adopting a healthier diet and lifestyle, implementing an exercise or fitness routine and being mindful of your water intake you are on the way. Allow yourself to take a step back when need be. Practising meditation is an exceptional method to reduce stress and anxiety. Don’t feel you have to be in the lotus position for hours, as little as a few minutes per day to quieten your mind, no matter where you are, will bring you massive benefits.

Finally, have a good belly laugh! Don’t take life to seriously, approach it with a smile. You will be astonished just how much you will appreciate the small things that can brighten your heart!

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