7 Beauty Tips on How to Look Younger Naturally

From the time that Eve took that initial bite of the apple, mankind has been consumed with appearances. This blog focuses on 7 beauty tips on how to look younger naturally.

The hard reality is that we embark on the process of ageing the very second we draw our first breath. Our bodies on a daily basis, even on a momentary basis, discard old cells and reproduce new ones. The rate at which that procedure occurs is significantly faster when we are young.

On a daily basis you are pestered with advertisements, images and recommendations that seek to entice you into thinking that a particular miracle drug, cream or device is your saving grace in your fight against growing old.

People are living much longer overall. Depending upon your view point on life, you may see this as an affliction or a gift.

The most effective way on how to look younger naturally is to look after what you have been given. Seems straightforward, don’t you think? Unfortunately, your skin suffers due to your surroundings and the environment every day.

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Below are a few of our much-loved tips on how to look younger naturally and maintain a healthy body:

  • Drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated! I’m not suggesting drinking lots of juice, coffee, sugar free drinks or any other liquids. Soft drinks contain a lot of sodium which makes your body hold on to excess water. Your body requires the right liquids to aid it in hydration and eliminating toxic substances. Try your best to ensure you are consuming as near to 2 litres of water every day. It may seem like a lot but your body will thank you for it and you will see a noticeable difference in your skin
  • Take care of your skin when in the sun and protect it from hazardous UV rays. All of us enjoy being outside in the sunshine and the most of us are striving for that sun kissed look. The reality is, too much of the sun can be harmful. Ultraviolet rays can lead to skin cancers and it results in your skin ageing at a much faster rate than it would, adding to unattractive lines and wrinkles. If you are going to spend time in direct sun light, be sure to apply a good quality sun factor. Always have one handy!
  • Be kind to your skin. Keep it cleansed using a soft facial towel. The delicate skin on your face does not call for a harsh scrub. You are more likely to do damage than benefit to your skin by scrubbing.

  • The most effective remedy for facial lines is to not allow yourself to get them to begin with. But unfortunately, like the majority of us, you didn’t listen to advice at a young enough age to make a difference. So, when somebody tells you to stop frowning, stand up tall or wear a hat in the sun, take heed!
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Balanced Diet how to look younger naturally
  • Consume a healthy and balanced diet! Recognising what foods to feast upon, can have a substantial impact on how you look and feel about your body. Bad diet can trigger anxiety, health issues, tiredness and excess body weight.

    Gaining weight results in your skin stretching. Naturally as we age our skin becomes less elastic and can look saggy. The most effective remedy to this is to keep to your ideal body weight.

    A general rule for a maintaining your proper body weight is eating less calories than you burn. Try to be physically active for a minimum of 30 minutes every day. Whether you have 3 short brisk walks, have a jog around the park before starting work, take the stairs instead of the lift, cycle to work or hit the gym for a quick weight session. They are all great options.

Be happy how to look younger naturally
  • Have a positive outlook on life, be happy! A joyful perspective activates endorphins in the brain. Endorphins are good for our cardiovascular system. They calm it down and cytokines inform our bodies immune system to be aware of any irregularities. Be aware of your body, pay attention to it. If you are in a habit of being derogatory to yourself, stop! Negative self-talk can affect you subliminally, and drag you down. Reflect on how you talk to yourself. Most likely you will discover you say the same things repeatedly, strengthening this negative self-image. If you are aware of these patterns you have the ability to transform them. External beauty and internal happiness work together.

Here are a few suggestions for enhancing happiness and encouraging a positive outlook regardless of your age:

  1. Write down a minimum of 10 good things that take place in your life on a daily basis.

  2. Laugh wholeheartedly! Why not, it’s free. You’ll be stronger, more confident and happier.

  3. Try to take on something new every month.

  4. Start meditating. Begin with just a few minutes and build up at your own pace. 
  • Sex! The value of affection and physical contact varies between different couples. A worrying number of males used to throw in the towel when it came to sex after a certain age and numerous females were under the impression that sex was a thing of the past after menopause. The good news is most individuals don’t feel that way anymore.

    Sex as you get older, can in fact become more enjoyable and gratifying than in the past. Wisdom can provide couples with more confidence and expertise in sexual relations. There are less stresses in their daily lives. The kids are no longer under their feet and the work tensions are usually alleviated.

Is beauty only skin deep?

The response to that is a puzzle, isn’t it? Real beauty starts from within. We would all love to go back in time and regain our youth. But what’s essential is that we appreciate what we have now and I suppose, until a real “miracle cure” comes along, we have no choice.

Simply keep in mind that ageing does not indicate you are becoming old.

Comment below if you have incorporated any of our tips on how to look younger naturally into your routine.

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