3 Powerful Motivational Tips For Abs

Are you always looking for that extra push to get you working out? In this blog we focus on powerful tips for abs that will keep you motivated.

Imagine yourself walking down the street in your ideal place looking and feeling amazing? Or as you walk along the seaside, you become aware that people are taking secret glances to appreciate the lovely ripped abdominal muscles that belong to you. With a feeling of positivity and inner confidence, your holiday seems ideal, almost out of this world. You have to take a moment to pinch yourself and understand that all this is real.

There is not a soul on this planet who would not rejoice in having six-pack abs and a healthy and balanced body. Is it possible for everyone to attain this dream? Of course, It is. We individuals were designed for perfection so yes indeed, everything is within our grasp. Regardless of the fact that many people find it challenging, some almost impossible, to achieve their individual goals in life; with an optimistic and confident mental attitude, you can make anything happen.

“Life is unfair” We can start our day very upbeat, but by the end of the day if you are not completely centred on your goal and regularly contemplating your desires you can be a casualty of procrastination. We as human beings have a tendency to follow the route of least resistance. Validating our reasons and always having an excuse for our laziness towards our objectives. No one claimed that being disciplined was simple. Actually below are just some instances of what we say to ourselves subconsciously that stop us from reaching our objectives: “I really fancy working out today, but I am having a day out with the girls tomorrow and I don’t want to be sore.”, “I plan to have a cheat day later in the week and I’m going to have pizza, chips and a few drinks.”, “I love working out but I’m too tired after work, and can’t get out of bed early enough to do it in the morning.”

The fascinating thing is that we actually end up believing these things. When the truth of that matter is, it’s simply false. The key to success is not working too hard yet being responsible for your thinking, as well as expectations in life. Whether you are looking to shed an extra couple of pounds or get in shape for a muscle building show, whatever your scenario, please don’t give into your excuses. Below are some valuable mindsets that will certainly assist in motivating you to get back in the game when you feel you are going to give into your excuses:

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3 Powerful Tips For Abs To Keep Your Momentum

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  • Speak to the people around you. Let your family and friends know about your goals for yourself. Some might laugh at you but most will try and encourage you and maybe even join in. The real intention and benefit from speaking to people are that it keeps you accountable. They will assist you in keeping on track. When you are surrounded by authentic individuals who care and want the best for you, they genuinely want to help you out and see you attain your goals.
  • Establish objectives with a partner or a good friend. Most of the times having an exercise companion or a dieting partner will certainly make things little easier for you both. A little rivalry, as well as some encouragement and motivation from a gym buddy, can make a substantial difference. Choose somebody that you like spending time with and also somebody you know will pick you up if you feel a little bit down on your self. Good friends are extraordinary at cheering each other up and also making each other feeling wonderful when needed.


  • Make a note of your goals, ambitions, desires, visions and aspirations for yourself. Right now, why not grab a notepad and try this out. On a notepad, on one side have your “objectives” and the other have “desires”. For example:

    Objective # 1 Lose 10 extra pounds this month.
    Desire #1 Lose 10 extra pounds, so I can buy a new dress, and so on.

    See to it that you visualise these objectives and desires in great details. Keep them personal to you. This way you will establish changes within your subconscious and begin to see the transformation in how you view yourself and what you are capable of. Additionally, keep in mind and make note of the moments you feel low and lacking in energy. Read aloud to yourself your objectives and desires. You may feel silly, but when professional athletes practise this, then why shouldn’t you?

Getting yourself in prime condition is more challenging than it seems. It takes self-control, consistency and complete dedication. Its benefits are invaluable as well as the self-confidence you feel when you are being admired is incredible. Or perhaps you wish to live a healthy and balanced way of life and pass on your knowledge to family and friends, it is priceless. Remain disciplined, keep your eye on the goals and we will certainly see you on the beaches of the whole world showing off your ripped abs.

So what do you think about these tips for abs, did they motivate you? Why not add your own ideas in the comments.

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